Bummin' 'round

I haven't blogged for more than a week now. I know, I know... I missed you, too, you know! Nothing much is happening in our lives right now. Still rehearsing everyday. Still working our a**es off every night. Same old sH^t, different day.

I've enjoyed reading news online. Entertainment news, that is. What do you think of me, a business-section kinda girl? I read pictures! LOL. I just would like to share my insights on things I've read.

On Britney Spears
I feel really excited about Britney Spears' comeback and she really looks good. Having surprise public appearances clad in cowboy boots, fishnet stockings and showing butt cheeks with 4 other blonde dancers (I wonder if they're wearing wigs like she does), she should have just had it on a strip club or something. As much as I admire her as a total performer (minus the vocals), I still think she should do new choreographies on her old songs. Watching her videos taken during her shows at The House of Blues (in 2 different places), I must say that there aren't much changes in her choreographies. I mean, I might as well watch the old videos where she looked really hot and young, she moves the same anyway. Oh well, maybe she doesn't have time to rehearse at the rehab facility. LOL. But I still love her.

On Paris Hilton
Feeling mixed emotions about Paris Hilton going to jail for violating probation. Part of me feels she deserves it, but for a girl being the subject of humiliation and jokes, I feel it's a bit cruel, too. But yeah, somebody has got to learn their lesson very well. I just can't imagine Paris in her prison jumpsuit or whatever you call it, without her makeup on. But I heard she does look good without her makeup on. Younger. Anyway, I just wish her all the luck. Hope her inmates will not give her a hard time. But since she treats her staff in a cruel way, she might as well believe that "what goes around, comes around".

On Lindsay Lohan
Not really shocked about the news. I mean, c'mon, one look at her, no matter how innocent she might try to portray, you will initially feel and think that she's on it. Just can't believe she would be caught on camera doing snow-sniffing in a toilet. She's classier than that.

On Akon
He was caught on video dry-humping a 14-year old girl in Trinidad during one of his concerts. There's no need for his apology just because he was caught on it. The standards of the venue were not met by imposing the "only 18 years old and above". How can a 14-year old dressed like a 20-something girl come inside? The people to be blamed are the so-called tight security of the venue. But still, dry-humping in public, especially onstage? Can't you get a room or something? At least George Michael does it in public bathrooms, away from the prying eyes of the worldwide audience!

And hitting my browser with the headlines of these 3 blondes (when Britney's on her blonde wig) and a... errr... dark guy, I could say that I've read enough. I mean, the topics on these 4 people sum up what Hollywood life is all about.

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