Our first night at QBar

The last time we've performed in Qingdao was almost 5 years ago. Then, we used to perform at the B.A.T.S. which stands for Bar At The Shangri-La. It's a very wholesome place although the main objective is to get everyone as drunk as possible. Business first, of course.

Unfortunately, a year ago, Shangri-La Hotel Qingdao have closed B.A.T.S. to give way to the birth of the new happening place in town - The QBar. That is where we are performing. Q stands for Qingdao, for sure. But when you go inside the up-class QBar, it does not reflect in any way to Qingdao. Its style is contemporary. Very club-y.

Tonight is our first night of performance. I'm not as thrilled as I would be. Maybe it's the weather. Right now, I'm at the Coffee Garden, its restaurant, accessing WiFi. I guess, for a tech freak like me, the free WiFi everywhere in the hotel pays a lot for the long exhausting journey from KL.

Wish us luck as we commence our 3rd contract here at the Shangri-La Qingdao!!!

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