Off, alas!

We have already completed our 1st week of performance here in Qingdao. So far, I can say that it was not relaxing at all. Although I still got my groove on every night, it was pretty hard for us to get them on the dancefloor. The pressure is on Marl because he's the one deciding on which song to play. So I always advise him not to stress himself out. For couple of days now, we're all enjoying ourselves on the stage.

Except tonight. I'm not comfortable with my voice. Because of the weather & the loud sound system, my voice is giving up. An off is just what I need and that's what I'm gonna get tomorrow! Wooohooo! Shopping time!!!

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Anonymous said...

A belated Happy Easter to you. Sounds like an off day is just what you need. Hope you had a fun/relaxing day.