Expiration, registration, confusion

URB at QBar in Shangri-La Hotel Qingdao
We have already settled down somehow. Getting used to gettin' on taxis to & from work. Gettin' used to the still-freezing-cold weather (for me, at least). Gettin' used to not having internet all the time. Gettin' used to being tired every night after work because of the pressure to get the people dancing. So far, that's all. LOL.

As you all know, my domain www.saritac.com is pending for deletion/renewal with my current domain service provider Network Solutions. I don't want to continue my domain with them, therefore I asked a good friend to register me with a webhosting service in Malaysia, something I have researched about. I have got 3 domains now: saritac.com , urbband.com and princessette.com (new one). I'm trying to work on revising each of the first 2 websites when I have the spare time.

My email address mailme@saritac.com is not working properly right now, so I am requesting you all to send me mail to my saritacious@gmail.com addy for the meantime.

The ADSL internet has been installed in our apartment since Friday. I'm still working on activating/installing the wireless router that I bought. Looks like it will be working soon.

It's the first year anniversary of Shangri-La Hotel Qingdao's QBar tonight. I'm a bit tired from the weekend's bumpin' grindin' and a relaxing Sunday at work is just what I need. But it won't happen I guess because it will be partayyyyy tonite I'm sure. WIll try to take some pix.

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