Everyone's happy

Now that our wireless router at home has been properly configured, everyone's happy. Jan can go online forever in her Friendster. I can do my 101 things online (especially domain registration at the moment). Marl, while his backup laptop is only running Windows XP, he was able to connect wirelessly via a WLAN PC card he bought from J-Boy, our QBar DJ.

I have also reformatted my new Fujitsu. I've had this for not more than a month now, it was a precious gift from my friend in KL. But I guess there was a problem with its default setting. For the past 3 weeks that I've been using it, I've been having blue screens & Windows wouldn't start up, especially when you needed it most!

When my Fujitsu Lifebook P7120 was given to me on our last day in KL, it was already pre-installed with the programs that came with it in CD's. It was also pre-installed with Microsoft Office 2007 which I was having difficulty in using since I've grown accustomed to Office 2003. I already know the keyboard shortcuts of it & that confuses me when I used Office 2007. Besides the file format of the saved items are more complex & made exclusively for Office 2007, although it can open and work with the previous Office templates and files.

So now, I'm blogging in the comfort of our room while having my Ritz plain biscuits & dipping them in my already cold coffee. I'm not yet done with installing Windows updates and programs that I use quite a lot. And hey, didn't I say it's my off today?!?

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