Bad shots

It was supposedly a relaxing night at work but when we got there, it was filled with foreigners, each of them standing in the bar with a Tsingtao Beer in their hand. But on one corner, there was also a function going on. When we started, the guys in the bar were so eager to watch us, but the ones having their function in one corner complained! Hello?!? You’re having a function in a bar where there’s a live band and you’d go complaining covering your ears because you think our music was too loud? And we were just starting then with some easy listening songs! Our music was lowered down to more than 50% that it would have been better for us to sing without microphones because the voices of the people around us were louder than ours. Nothing ruins a performance than having to change your sound in a middle of a song. So there my night has been ruined, first base.

--- couple paragraphs had to be taken out... for diplomatic purposes LOL ---