1st week in Qingdao

This time a week ago, we were thousand of feet up in the air, aboard a Malaysia Airlines aircraft and experiencing some slight turbulence all through out the flight. The only thing on my mind then was to reach Qingdao as soon as possible. But as soon as we reached Qingdao, I wanted to board the next plane out.


The freakin' weather, man!!! It's freakin' cold out here and we weren't prepared for this kind of weather. Thought it would be like a great weather with a bit of a chill. But my bones are really chillin' right to its core!!! Even my teeth gets cold, too! Hahaha!

It has been a week and we're still not used to this weather. Our voices are affected. It was not a relaxing week for us. We had to rehearse new songs for the QBar. The crowd is young and crazy dancefloor boogies, therefore we need some party songs for them.

Anyway, we still have to work tonight. Guess tonight's a pretty much laid back crowd. We can relax a bit I guess. Hope so.

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Arasu said...

Good evening Sarita.

Saw your blog on the journey to China.

Hope the turbulence was mild and did not upset your team's journey mid-air.

Do enjoy and return to motherland with sweet memories of the place you are in now.