I'm upset. Really. Not only me, but also Jan and Marl. With only a week left after doing a great job in our stint here in Shangri-La KL for the past 6 months, we are ONCE AGAIN asked to MOVE OUT of our room. I can't find the reason why they're moving us out of the mock-up rooms where the only access to it would be behind the service lifts. I don't think they will ask their guests to pass by the service lift, being a 5-star hotel. I firmly don't believe that they will sell this room to any guests, unless they want to give that certain guest half price!

Yes, we'd be packing our stuff anyway, so what's the big deal with my whining? It is indeed a big deal! This is the 8th time that we are moving. It doesn't matter whether they just moved us around the hotel, or same floor but on different rooms. What matters is the HASSLE of packing and unpacking!!! If the management is doing this to intentionally piss us off, hey guys, it's working!

I may sound demanding or diva-ish, but I think this is not right anymore. For the whole stretch of 11 years in this career, this is the WORST EXPERIENCE we have tolerated. And this has gone far beyond our level of tolerance. Never in our entire 11 years of career. And we never gave them headache all through the 5 years we've been coming back and forth here. Why are we treated this way?!?

If EVER they would want us to come back here again, we will have to make sure that there's a statement in the contract about our PERMANENT ACCOMODATION. We don't care if they put us in an apartment or nearby lower-star hotel, as long as we don't have to endure this kind of situation.

Yes, we are living out of suitcases. But for the 8th time in 6 months?!?!??!?
Hell, I should really be upset!

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