Mock-up room

I have been focused on complaining about moving rooms around the hotel that I forgot to mention that we were put in a mock-up room. Which is really cool!!! It's a room they have designed and decorated as one of the proposed room to be chosen for approval when they do the renovation soon. So that means, the furnitures in this room that we are in right now are new and we are one of the first ones to try it. I love the finishing of the furnitures, the flat screen Plasma TV on the wall, the modern lighting, the bathroom fixtures and my new throne - a settee.
But we noticed that the floor is always warm. We asked around with the engineering and housekeeper and we found the reason why. Our room is just above the sauna and steam rooms of the male locker in the Health Club!
So guys, beware.
With all the movings we had to do, I might just get crazy and dig a hole up here to see some itsy-bitsy teeny-weeny... whatchamacalit?!! Oh yeah, thingy. Down under. LOL.

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Anonymous said...

ohhh noooooo... u said down under. as an australian resident, for a few seconds i thought u were mentioning australia the down under tour. hehehehee...

sis... if it's only teeny-weeny (tiny willy) there is no need for hard work on digging though... wahahahahahhaa