Gong Xi! Gong Xi!

That's the phrase that I have repeatedly said on the Chinese New Year's Eve. Jan and I were in our lacey red cheongsams while Marl donned a Chinese traditional suit, or shirt. I did my hair Chun-Li style, same as my 'do last year. However, I wasn't so comfortable with the dress that we wore. Can't really move and the silk material lining sticks to my wet back. In fact, it's quite surprising that the dress was still in tact by the end of the night. I was thinking that it might rip off somewhere in the middle of the set while doing a rigorous number. Unfortunately, my prediction was wrong.
Though it was expectedly a bit quiet for a regular weekend, the audience still enjoyed themselves. Most of the locals are out of town because of the long holiday, and Chinese New Year's Eve is traditionally celebrated with a family reunion dinner so most of the Chinese must have been at home with their families.
After work, we went to JP's house to have a Chinese New Year's supper or should I say, first meal for the Chinese New Year. We stayed until 4AM and then met up with our friends in Concorde. Went back to the hotel at 5:30AM, did my stuff, and now, finally have the time to blog!

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