Vocally incapable

Well, kinda. Still can sing as usual, but the quality is not like my normal singing voice. It's a bit shaky because of the shifting of placement that I do because I'm scared my voice might just give up especially on high parts. So I had to change gears and apply some vocal techniques.
Been to the hotel clinic in the afternoon and was prescribed to take some medications, no antibiotics yet though. Hopefully I'll get better tomorrow.
After work, we were invited by our regular guest to... wherelse.... at the Crossroads... at the Concorde in KL! LOL. Instead of resting my voice, I got so excited to chat with my friends until 6AM. We were talking about funny stuff so I laughed and laughed amidst the chesty cough.
We have a lunch appointment later at 1PM. So I have to get my rest now. Hopefully I will feel better when I wake up. Hopefully.

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