A trip to Saujana & Vegas on Monday

You know what we did on our off? As you all know from my previous entries, I just had a relaxing day by the poolside on Monday afternoon. Had a dinner at the Lemon Garden with Marl before his solo performance. Brought my laptop at the lounge, tried to connect to any available WiFi I could get. To no avail.
At 9PM, met up with our friends from the band Peach Apple Tree for a night out. We were invited by a common guest. We went by 3 convoyed vehicles, there were 14 of us I guess. All girls went with Hussein on his Harrier. We went to Hyatt Saujana in Subang to watch our sister band, Beat Culture who were already on their last set. After their set, our guests wanted to have a karaoke session and so we went to Club Vegas and was ushered into a big private karaoke room. We had fun eating and drinking softdrinks and juices. I didn't touch any alcohol because I still wasn't well then. We stayed there until 3AM.

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