A tear for her

If her flight was on time at 1:10AM, she might be above Kuala Lumpur aboard the Cebu Pacific flight. But I think there was 20-30 minutes delay. Luckily, my friends are on the same flight, too - the Vision 5 band (former Music Mates) and couple other musicians. I'm quite relieved that somebody can look after her on the flight.

I felt sorry that I coudn't take time off from work to bring her to the airport. Nanay Susana, our godmom, took the initiative to bring her to the airport. She left just before we started our 2nd set. She looked cute in her pigtails and new wardrobe. She was just carrying a pink Barbie trolley bag and a Barney bagpack.

I was so emotional since the first set and kept holding back my tears. But when she hugged me and "pretended" to cry, I just lost it and broke down infront of our friends who were there (Arlyn & husband Hafiz, Papa Jamal & Mama Siah & Nanay Susana). So far, her recent holiday has been the best quality time we've ever spent with her. I am proud to say that I really looked after her and since she's growing up as an independent girl, she helped me a lot in different ways.

Selena has touched lots of lives during her 25 day stay here in Kuala Lumpur. She has brought happiness into our lonely lives. She has made people adore her by her wits and talents. Oh and that infamous WHISTLE, too!

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