Off day well spent

Our trip to Genting on Monday was one of the moments I will treasure forever. It was well spent with people I love and people I enjoy being with. I was with my princessette Selena, Marl, Jan, and Peach Apple Tree's Chona, Sarah & Wacky.
(Marl, Wacky, Jan Sarah, Chona, Sarita & Selena @Monorail station, 10AM)
Aside from having fun, it was also cheap for us. We only paid RM26 each person for the trip (excluding the food & other miscellaneous stuff) because we availed the Genting Golden Package. The RM26 package included:
  • Return Genting Express Bus Transfer
  • Return Genting Skyway Transfer (cable car)
  • One meal OR Weekday Genting Outdoor Theme Park Unlimited Ride Pass (of course, we chose the unlimited ride pass)
We had to get our passports from the hotel (who took our passports to extend our working permit). We rode the KL Monorail to KL Sentral at 10AM. We secured our tickets at the Genting Express counter at KL Sentral and took brunch at KFC. We boarded the 11AM bus and it took an hour to reach the lower Skyway Transfer station. It was quite a long walk from the station to the outdoor theme park but by 1PM, we were already inside the park. It was foggy though.

Like me, she's also a thrill seeker at her young age. Selena enjoyed her rides although she couldn't ride on most of the thrill rides she wanted to. We took turns in accompanying her in some of the rides. I was the loner of the pack because every one got their buddies: Selena & Chona, Marl & Wacky, Sarah & Jan. And among the girls, I am the only brave one to try the Space Shot and Flying Coaster with Marl. The videos were quite hilarious which I will upload on My Videos page soon.

Marl, Selena and I went to Snow World. Selena wanted to experience how winter is like. We took some good (yet expensive) pictures, too. We missed our 4:30PM bus so we just had snack with the musicians we met there (friends of Peach Apple Tree). We tried to get on the 6PM bus back to KL but there was only one seat left. Since Marl had to work on a Monday night, he went ahead while we waited for the 6:30PM bus.

We reached KL (Pekeliling) at 7:40PM and was fetched by JP's driver to go to his condo. We had dinner and had a few glasses of wine as we battled each other in a MagicSing karaoke session. It was rather fun because we didn't have voices from lack of sleep and screaming in Genting. I did my funny acts to everyone's amusement. And all the girls (Chona, Sarah, Jan, Selena & I) battled each other with a goal to score the lowest which was 00! All of us except Jan got 00 with a caption on the screen "Try singing?", LOL. Jan had to even work harder to reach our 00 status! Hahaha! The driver picked Marl up from Shangri-La after his work to join the fun. We finished the evening off at past 1AM. When we reached the hotel, the bed looked like a chocolate dessert I could feast on. Selena and I fell asleep at 2AM.

The day was really well spent with the people I love to hang out with. When Selena goes back in a few days time, I will surely miss the fun that we had when she's around... It's fun to be a kid sometimes!

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