Il Divo is in town!!!

Il Divo who???
You might have been leaving in the caves and forests if you don't know them. They're the hottest pop/opera crossover band in the whole wide Earth right now! And they're here in Kuala Lumpur for a one-night-only performance at the KLCC Plenary Hall on the 16th of Jan, 2007.
But the BEST THING is they're staying at the Shangri-La Hotel. In fact, tonight was their official welcome party at the lounge, wherein they closed the VIP section just for the entourage. I only met 3 Il Divo singers namely David, Sebastien & of course, Carlos. Urs didn't come for the welcome gala but hope I can meet them altogether again.
Tonight, the entourage listened & watched us perform from the 1st set. The ever beautiful Arianna Teoh, former Miss Malaysia and wife of famous race driver Alex Yoong and also a good friend of mine, is the one who organized the event. She's very good at it.
The concert is on the 16th of January. But since we won't be able to watch them, we were offered the chance of a lifetime - to watch their rehearsals on the 15th. So we'll just wait and see whether we'd go there to watch them rehearse, and hopefully I can take a few good pictures of them and with them!
Anyway, they'll be at the lounge eeeevery night till the 16th so let's see what happens...

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Anonymous said...

Uh o! i really dunno who they are by the name of II DIVO. when i search their images from googles, i have some idea but still not sure. izit the one that sing at the world cup 2006 with another lady? if they are pop, i'm still follow but opera, errrmmm only know how to appreciate their look. hehehehehe