It has been hell of a week for me. I have been having bad flu (colds, clough & slight fever) since Tuesday. I'm just so thankful that I still could sing. Though tonight was the worst of all because it has gone down to my throat and it itches my throat in a middle of a song that I had to cough out in between songs, and worse, in between phrases and lines. At times I would try to control it and would end up with a red face and cough some more. Terrible. As usual, I was still on my element and did my best in each song that I sang. The energy level hasn't changed except for the occasional wheezing & coughing.
By the way, we had a great lunch at our friend's place today. Tita Myrna Webb cooked some Filipino dishes. Peach Apple Tree and URB enjoyed the sumptuous dishes prepared for us. Thanks Tita Myrna & TIto Geoff for accomodating us eventhough we couldn't talk nonstop. LOL.
Hope I'll get better over the next few days. And hope that the virus in the hotel will go away. If not, it will keep coming back and hit us again (knock on wood!).
It will be another rehearsal week for us since we have postponed the rehearsals last week because Jan and I were both sick. Crossing my fingers and hoping that I'll get better. :-)

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