A close(r) encounter with Il Divo

We were in our slumber at noon when we got a call from the F&B department to tell us that they actually wouldn't need us to perform at the lobby lounge at (Tuesday) night. There's no necessity anymore. Okay, well, they agreed to let us play for just a set for the night. Because they have something even better and bigger for us... to play for Il Divo's After-Concert party at the Grand Ballroom of Shangri-La Kuala Lumpur.

Il Divo just had their successful (and expensive) one-night concert at the KLCC Plenary Hall. It was well-attended by the big spenders in KL. Shangri-La sponsored an After-Concert party and asked us to play some cocktail music while the rich people tried to mingle with each other.

We performed for an extra long set from 11:30PM just as the guests were arriving from the said concert. The Il Divo's made some very short appearances, taking time to take a photo with the ladies clad in their expensive gowns and taking turns for their photo op. All these were happening before our very eyes. There were even a couple of times when our General Manager Mr. Lynch had to go to the stage and grab the microphone from me to stop the guests from scaring the Il Divo away. But to no avail.

After our show at the ballroom, we didn't even hope to even see the Il Divo after the guests scared them away. I gave up hope to even take some pictures with them. So we packed up our things to bring back to the lounge (Marl literally had to bring his keyboard & stand & everything that came with it during functions).

Just as we were walking into the lounge, we spotted 2 of the Il Divo's, Sebastien (French) & Carlos (Spanish). We were actually shy and just glanced at them at a distance. But Sebastien raised his hand to call us, HE INVITED US TO COME OVER TO THEIR TABLE!!! And hell we did! They were seated with the organizers of the concert (Arianna Teoh & co.) and the musical director Gary Wallis. First I was shy. But they insisted to let us join them. I also took the rare opportunity to take some pictures with them. In fact, with almost everyone at the table.

Carlos was the funny and outgoing guy. But Sebastien, aside from being the most favored by the ladies, was really nice, too. He was the one entertaining us and he talked to us for like half an hour, asking about the Philippines. They'd be going there after Singapore.

Moral lesson: Keep dreaming. Don't give up.

Update: Here are few of the pics we took with them. Don't hate me, I'm just a playah! LOL

BY THE WAY, just so you know... I was acting kinda cool & sophisticated in front of them. Like hangin' out with normal friends. But when I reached the room, I had a delayed reaction. I screamed and giggled like a highschool girl! Hahahahaha!

Check out this writeup about Il Divo's concert on WMW's Blog! Fab pix too!


Anonymous said...

i know, i know, i know! you jump up and down and screamed oh my God, oh my God!!!

hehehe...what a lifetime experience for all of you ei?

i'm sure it is overwhelming :-D

Anonymous said...

Wahhhhhhhhh..........lucky girls! Yes, meanwhile, we continue dreaming. You can check my blog for a write up of that night of concert and pics of them on stage (no pics like yours though....hee hee..). Will tell Coreen to check your blog!

~*.*~ SaRiTa ~*.*~ said...

anony... yeah, marl looked puzzled but understood me. LOL...

wmw, great writeup & pix! u really have the knack for it!

Anonymous said...

si lolo kunwari hindi makarelate pero deep inside gusto nya take home isa isa yung grupo..ayyy!! hahahaha...dyowk lang lolo!! please dont hurt me!! hahahahhaa!..