I'm not surprised to have one of my haters to sign my website's shoutout box and guestbook to talk about my so-called ego. That chicken-hater cowardly signed in as "Shangri-la resident" and basing on my highly technological gathered information, I'd like to drop in a guess and label the gender as a SHE. Although it might have been a collaboration of both genders. LOL.
Here's what was written on my guestbook:
Shangri-la Resident: I was sorry to see that your website reflected your over-inflated ego.... (January 5, 2007 7:22PM)
And here's what she wrote on my shoutout box:
Shangri-la resident: I didn't realise your ego was quite so large !!! I feel sorry for you. (January 5,2007 7:44PM)
My regular visitors who were laughing about her sleazy comment, calls her "chicken hater". But I guess, "chickened hater" is more appropriate. She doesn't know that whenever she logs in or lurk on my site, her IP address is recorded. Every click and interval is recorded. In fact, yours too. But I'm not a nosy-parker to know who my visitors are unless I'm triggered to.
I don't know why, for some reason, that she doesn't know how actually to read properly. Maybe she's dyslexic. Or maybe worse. Because she missed the part when I clearly stated on my frontpage that this page is all about me. Maybe she was looking for something about her. LOL
Here are my favorite comments from me and my avid supporters following chickened-hater's sleazy one:
Sarita Carreon: WOW! i've got a HATER in d haus! welcome! :-) thanks for ur comments, quite sleazy though, u could have done better than that. guess what? the feeling's mutual. i also feel sorry for you coz you're such a COWARD signing my guestbook & shoutbox using "shangrila resident", but not revealing ur real name WHEN I KNOW EXACTLY WHO YOU ARE and WHERE YOU WERE WHEN YOU SIGNED IN because I have traced you! funny that ur not even at any shangrila property at d moment when u signed my guestbook!!! hahaha! can you believe the technology?!? in fact, i even know how many times you've LURKED around! oh and because you are on red alert, i even know that you are viewing this right now because u're curious how i'd comment, right? you messed with d wrong girl, pal! KAILA KO KUNG KINSA KA OY!!! magpakatotoo ka! Bwahahaha!
AUBZIE: Ay! Wow! Hater ng CK ko! hahahaha You are indeed messin' w/ d wrong gurl... plus, messin' with sarita, means messin' with the circle... you may be a coward for not revealing yourself but that's fine, just don't be stupid enough to continue messin' around... kasi kung hindi... away na to lord! hahahaha
 urb: hahahaha! kala ko ikaw hater ko CK! hahaha! yeah dats right... napapaligiran na kita! hahaha! to all u players out there... beware! nyahahaha!
 Apple: (in tagalog) Saring... hala tira! Buti nga sa kanya! Hahahaha! Tawang-tawa ako diyan kay Shangri-la Resident na'yan. Nyahahaha! Siguro pagkabasa niya nang respond mo sa shout out niya... nanginginig siya sa takot. Nanananana! Naiinggit lang 'yan SAring. Favor naman... email mo sa akin kung sino siya. Hehehe! Baka sabihin mong nakikisawsaw ako ha. Sige na ha! Share mo naman. Curious lang!
lintyho: Sis Ritzz, aren't u glad as well that u have both admirerS & "A chicken hater"? that doesn't mean ur ego is large BUT it meant ur personalities are too outstanding until it hit someone whom is such "low". Doesn't matter if u don't understand me. Just want u to know it won't change my support & my love to u and URB band. Stay pretty & vibrant. Muaaahhhh****
sarita: hahahaha! my sis linty, i even thought at one time that that chicken hater was talkng abt my LEGO! hahaha! i was supposed to say dat d LEGO's not mine, it's selena's! hahaha! thought it was d glass of red wine dat tricked my eye. thats why i had to wait til i got sober & confirm that its actually my EGO that ! hahaha!
 upset supporter: msg 4 Shangri-la Resident aka "chicken hater": why do u have problem with lovely Sarita's website that reflected her own ego? only smart and brilliant lady like her can create this website that full of hi-tech knowledge. dont mess with her. she's tracing u and hunting u.... errmmm and haunting u... LOL. she's just sharing her life with us but if u dont care, just buzz off and get a life of your own!!!
 sarita: wooohooo! ''upset supporter's'' on my side. where my posse at?!? can we get the whole pack of union in??! LOL. u know what? i just found out that these posts can easily be tracked. even the lurkers, with a bit of decoding, i wud know who they are. ahihihihi! this is fun!
My last message to Shangri-la resident a.k.a. Chickened-hater:
You think you're smart. But think again. Better yet, think a gazillion times. Because the opposite of what you think you are is the only thing that can kill you. Softly and gently. LOL. And stop pretending to be my friend. Or stop pretending to be somebody you are not. Better yet, stop pretending! LOL. Again, to get this straight, your IP address is already recorded and logged on every page of this site and it is submitted to your ISP PLDT Vibe. I suggest you get a broadband or something and quit using dialup to diss me on the net. It's insulting to me. And it tickles my spine knowing that you lurk around my site. LOL. However hard you try, you won't find anything about you on this site except your alter-ego called "chickened hater". If you don't stop bugging me, I will have to call PLDT Vibe to report your inappropriate usage! Gotchaaaaaa!!! Tell me if you can't understand my not-so-perfect grammar in English, I can easily translate it to you in Tagalog! LOL.

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