Alright, Asian women are more conservative than Westerners. And so, seldom that you see naked women walking in the locker room of gyms. It's mostly the whites or westerners who are more confident with their bodies - toned, flabby or not. Us, we'd walk with the big towel hugging our luscious bodies, taking a moment to look around before we take even our blouses off.

And so, here goes my funny story. As I said, I used to go to the gym before - alone - not with somebody I know. So it was Jan's first time to do those things. So there we were, with our towelled naked bodies, walking from our locker to the wet section of the room. Before we dipped into the jacuzzi pool, told her that we'd have to take a shower first. And so, I did mine quickly and jumped into the tub. Switched on the jacuzzi and waited for Jan for half a minute. It was a wise move for me because I took off the towel and dipped into the pool without anyone looking. Hek-hek-hek! Sooooo, Jan came out of the shower, looking timid and shy. She stood at the edge of the pool thinking how she'd go in without me seeing her naked. I told her I wouldn't look and so she jumped into the pool while we laughed. Realizing that it's hot, she forgot that she's naked, jumped and stood up! Hahaha! But she finally got the hang of it and we enjoyed like 10 minutes in the jacuzzi.

READ: Pervs, stay away! No lesbian thing going on, ok! Graduated from that! LOL

And so after dipping in the jacuzzi, Jan faced another dilemma - how to get off the pool without seeing her naked. So I just reached out for the jacuzzi switch and she went ahead to get her towel while giggling. Guess what she did. She got her towel and covered her front and so when I got up to get my towel, her naked butt was only few inches away from my face. Hahaha! We kept laughing about it because she was so concerned covering her front when no one was around, and the only person with her was me who was standing behind her naked butt, shocked of the unsightly scene! Hahaha!

We had a cold shower before we entered the sauna room. We spent less than 10 minutes inside before we moved to the steam bath. By the time our bodies were all drenched in sweat and steam, we decided to wrap up the day with a cold shower. But I still can't get over the blooper that just happened. Until now. Until tomorrow. Until another blooper happens. :-)

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Anonymous said...

wahahaha... u really caught Jan naked butt! u really have to be threadless naked? can't u wear swimwear to jacuzzi or others? i didn't know it has to be naked. maybe because of that i never try it. hehehehe