Crowded Sunday

We didn't expect Sundays to be crowded because everyone goes back to work the day after. But tonight was somewhat different. Italian guests swarmed up the lounge before we ended our 1st set and got lots of local regulars who came in on our 2nd set. And they stayed until we finished our final set.

Right after our last set, we hurriedly changed and went to Concorde to have a listen to the bands. We seldom go there these days because we are quite busy. Busy in the room. Internet, I mean. LOL. We saw the MusicMates and B-Thru, the other band was off. Saw some old friends like Cem who doesn't look like Mr.Roboto anymore. He has trimmed down a bit remarkably and is looking good. Even with the way he dresses up. Groovy. Maybe preparing for Peach Apple Tree's comeback next week. Yiheeeeeee!

Was offered to have whiskey coke by one of the regulars, which I don't usually drink. But I had no choice. LOL. I was asked to sing a Shakira song by the MusicMates. Everytime the Concorde staff see my face, they'd usually ask me to sing Shakira song. One of the minor reasons why I don't want to chillout in Concorde because I couldn't really chillout! Always worried that they'd call me to sing when, in fact, the reason why we'd usually go there is to relax.

It's our off and if it doesn't rain, I'd have a walk around. Hope that I'll get some sun today. I'm getting fairer. Want to stay a bit tanned. Suits me well, they said. :-)

NOTE: I don't know why this post didn't appear on my website. But this is the 2nd try. Hope it works. :-)

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