Bored but great

I had nothing to do today in the room. Quite bored nearly to death. The weather was good and I got so excited to be under the sun again. I had a walk today to KLCC. Took some photos along the way, brought the 300D with me. But I was really conscious about getting

To me, KLCC's even becoming a bit boring, nothing much to see anymore except for the shops with "sale". I'm thinking of going to Midvalley Megamall one of these days, haven't been there since we came back to KL. I bought Marl a new book, an addition to his library. Did a little grocery then went back to the hotel.

Our first set was sooooo quiet. It's been raining since 6PM and I thought we'd have a quiet crowd. But no, we've been laughing since the first set and the crowd came in on our 2nd set. We had a good crowd, lots of regulars and old friends. And I was on my funnier mood tonight, not to say, my voice was tuned classically since the 1st set. So I can say, it was a great night overall.

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