It's OK to be paranoid

Last night, I went to Mactan Grill along National Hi-way with Marl and Jay, our business partner. The band has just finished when we went in, I didn't even know that they have a band there. But I was really taken aback when the singer passed by our tables. It's Analiza of Sound Forge and Yza, one of the girls we auditioned for the URB slot. Found out that they're just sessionists from their respective bands and just formed the band for the night for the Mactan Grill gig. It's a just a waste, I wasn't able to hear and see them perform.

I had Tapsilog (Tapa-Sinangag-Itlog), a Filipino set of beef strips, garlic rice and sunny side-up egg. I was delighted when I saw my sunny side-up egg - it's heart-shaped!!! Of course, you will see that soon on my Cebu Scenes series of pics. And of course, my ever favorite Mountain Dew as panulak.

After our meal, we were busy talking about the business when I noticed 2 average looking men, in their early 30's maybe, walked in. They looked more presentable with jacket, pants and shoes on compared to the other patrons who were in their worn-out tees, sandals or slippers and shorts. They sat on the table behind me and I noticed them looking at me all the time. They moved to the table behind Marlou as Marlou was sitting in front of me (so he had his back on them). As were having business talk, those 2 men were staring at me most of the time as I was facing their table. It intimidated me and made me nervous at the same time. Being looked at by men usually, I can feel and tell the difference if they have an ulterior motive or just simply appreciating or admiring. But those 2 men's look on their faces were not only intimidating, but frightening.

At 3AM, we decided to get the bill and leave. As Marl was calling the waitress, I saw the other guy eyed on his companion as he was twirling his mobile phone on the table. I don't know if they have some secret body language or whatever but I didn't bother to let Marl know about it because there's no way I can whisper to him (but I realized that I could have just simply sent Marl an SMS about it - stupid!) because the 2 men were watching the 3 of us in the table. The service was a bit slow so we just decided to get up and go to the counter to pay. We passed by the men's table and I saw that they still have beers, so I was quite relieved knowing that we would be going ahead of them.

To my surprise, I saw the 2 men stood up and approached the counter. At this time, being the panicky me, my hands were already trembling and couldn't even open my mouth to speak. Marl and Jay were clueless about what I have observed. I wanted to pretend that I've got headache and needed to sit for a while but everything was too late. I grabbed Marl's arm and headed out of the grill at once. He was asking me why I was acting so strange and I told him I'll just explain in the van. I was kinda relieved when we left the place and saw the 2 men still waiting for their bill. Somehow, my paranoia subsided when their Pajero took a different turn from our direction.

I might have just over-reacted or have just been paranoid, but it's better to be safe than indulging into a situation that I only see in movies.

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Anonymous said...

yeah sis ritzz, don't doubt our women instinct. if u dont feel right, u will not feel right. better be safe than sorry.