It was unexpectedly crowded and crazy at the lobby lounge for a normal Thursday. We had large crowds - yes, in plural form because they came in separate groups - the whole night. It was started by a big Korean group who have waited for our 1st set. They were in the mood for dancing so we've been pumping and jumping and grinding since the 1st set. There were couple of funny "dancers" who have unique moves. But they really enjoyed their time.

Midway through the evening, a large group of Japanese guests came and had an equally great time until we finished. Of course, there were also other guests who have stayed glued on their seats since our 1st set.

It was indeed a drenching evening. The dress that I wore tonight has been dripping wet and my ponytail-tied hair has stuck on my wet nape & face most of the time. But it was one of the busy nights in the lobby lounge which I really enjoyed.

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