July reflection

It has been a great month of July for me. Work was great, made new friends especially from the local music scene, and we were moved to the hotel for a more convenient stay. We also found a new singer and very busy practising her for the next booking. Of course, Brice will be finishing her contract with the URB Band until the end of September.

Only thing I hate about July was the endless moving Shangri-La put us through therefore I can't really just sit back and relax like I used to when we were first moved in to the hotel. Also, my things are all packed in suitcases, only getting what I need for a particular time. Some of our things were sent to our house in BF Betterhomes for storage and some of them are in the storage of the hotel's concierge. Even until, we can't simply just feel at home in our respective rooms because we know that we can be called anytime to be moved to another room if need ours. Damn!

But what I enjoyed most during the month of July was searching for our new singer. It took us places in Cebu I've never been to and made new friends. July was an awesome month indeed!

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