Settled in

We're all settled in the hotel. We're having our meals at the Tides restaurant, getting WiFi access in the lobby, roam around the 13 hectare property of the Shangri-La's Mactan Island Resort. We can use the gym but they don't have space for Pilates or Yoga so I'd rather stay in the room & do it there. We have lots of priviledges which the local staff are envious about, in a good way though, or so I thought.

Today I went to the beach and watched the kids feed the fishes on the shallow waters. Didn't want to swim, got no one to go with me. Marl doesn't enjoy swimming & Brice is very busy these days. It rained suddenly and so I ended up getting all bored in the room. I bought a bamboo King Flute which is exactly like my tin whistle - I just realized that after buying it!

I've had the well-deserved sleep I've been craving for three months now. My sleep has become my problem lately. In KL, I'd sleep at least 10 hours. In Cebu, I'd be lucky if I can get 8 hours straight, like the couple of nights when I slept for more thn 12 hours coz of my meds. But since we moved in the hotel, all I did was to sleep and sleep. Gotta make up for the almost sleepless nights I've had.

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