Rush move

When the hotel front desk told us on Monday night that we'll have to pack our stuff because the hotel would be running full on Tuesday, we spent 4 hours packing after our work. On Tuesday noon, they told us that we can still use our room till the afternoon or evening because there's still no advice to them as to when and where we will be moving to. We waited for their advice the whole day. All our stuff are packed in the luggages, only taking what we need out of the bags. Tuesday passed, still no advice.

Yesterday afternoon, Wednesday, we had to meet up with a singer who wants to join us. We went back to the hotel at 5PM, went for a beauty nap. 30 minutes after, the front desk called and informed us that we need to move RIGHT AWAY. We explained that we needed to prepare for work at 6PM and asked if we can move after work instead. They declined and said that we need to vacate our rooms at 6PM. What more can we do? With my eyebrows meeting in the middle, had to return the stuff we took out of the luggages and take them to the newly allocated rooms at Ocean Wing. Had to rush, iron clothes, prepare for work and take dinner all in an hour!

Since last week, we've already stayed in 4 different rooms and everytime I sign the bill this time, I have to take a moment to remember my room number!

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