Woke up at 11AM today. Had a dimsum lunch at the Ayala Mall with our new singer, Janise, with her co-singer in her present band, Kring-Kring, and her boyfriend Randy. After lunch, we just strolled around the mall then we dropped off Kring-Kring in Colon where she can catch a ride home. We sent Janise home and met up with her parents. It was kinda hard to remember where she lives because there were lots of turns going to it, but we finally reached there and rested for a while before we decided to go back to Shangri-La before 6PM.

Since we started moving around two weeks ago, I stopped doing my daily yoga and Pilates. The lack of rest due to the construction going on in the Ocean Wing contributes to it - a lot! So lately, I've been feeling a bit bloated for eating too much I guess. How on earth can you resist the delectable dishes from the daily buffet lunch and dinner?!? I'm not really a big eater... except when I'm in the Philippines. I miss my mom's cooking, too.

Oh well, I did my Pilates and yoga this evening in the room. There's no quiet space at the gym for me to do those things because they made use of the activity room where they used to have yoga, Pilates and other cardio workouts. But I went to the gym to have a steam bath and a dip in the jacuzzi. It could have been better if I was sipping champagne... hmmm....

Let's talk about hair removal. I once used a depilatory cream in China before and I ended up having skin irritations because I used it for more than what it's intended time of use - 10 minutes. Because it was a Chinese brand and the English instructions explained in a broken English way, I ended up with pores slightly bleeding. And it scared me eversince.

Today, bought a Veet hair removal cream. I was hesitant to use it but since it's an internationally known brand, I gave it a try - on my bikini line. And hmmm... it worked! No bleeding or irritation - as of this moment. Indeed, a product I would recommend all of you who are into plucking, shaving and painful waxing.

We're going back to our house in Talisay tonight to arrange the boxes and stuff we got there. Maybe we'll sleep over there, maybe not. It depends. Marlou wants to send the van for auto repair tomorrow. So that means no going out after work this week.

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hi sarita,
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