Donna Cruz

We just had a dinner and guess who we saw just now? It's Donna Cruz. FYI, she's from the showbiz clan Cruz, who had a great success after winning Tanghalan ng Kampeon, a popular singing contest on TV. She had a big career in singing & acting before settling down to Cebu with a doctor from one of the prominent families in Cebu, the Larrazabal clan. Marlou was very close to the Cruz cousins when they were still together on the TV show, That's Entertainment. And when I said Cruz cousins, I meant Geneva, Aubrey Rose, Donna and Glenda. They are still keeping in touch with each other after the show ended 10 years ago.

So as I was saying, we saw Donna Cruz at the Tides having dinner with her lovely family. It was my first time to meet her and I really admire her beauty. I was definitely star struck!

Know more about her through her website at

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