Couldn't stand the heat

If you're stuck in a room like us with newly varnished furnitures and airconditioning unit that's not working, I'm pretty sure you wouldn't be able to stand being inside that room. Plus the construction workers passing by infront of the closed door, singing and talking, while they do their jobs. If you were on our shoes, I'm sure you could have already complained to the Duty Manager to move you in a different room. But we can't do that. It's better than nothing.

The other night after work, we went back to our house in Talisay to at least get a proper rest. We also brought back our industrial floor fan yesterday since the hotel couldn't provide us with one.

Just our luck!

We were called to be informed that we're moving back to the main wing! So after work last night, we moved back to the main wing. My day is going just right today because I had a good rest... Just starting...

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