Life's ups & downs

What we have now is not ours. They're just bonuses in what we call life. Others might be luckier than others in things that we see but others might be rich deep inside.

Everyone is blessed in one aspect or another. Am I sounding too deep? Hmmm not really. Sometimes, even this cheerful lass have time to reflect on life.

Yesterday I watched the local noontime game show Wowowee. Each day they have contestants of different fields, mostly the less fortunate ones. Like yesterday, the contestants were children who are sampaguita sellers on the streets & churches. It broke my heart that I cried when I felt the suffering they are feeling. Most of the kids' parents are JOBLESS, so they send their children out to make a living for the family. You can see and feel the happiness in their eyes that they were given a chance to join the said game show. Most of these kids have stopped their studies unwillingly. So out of the kindness of the show's host, Willie Revillame, he offered to help the children through the money that was gathered from the TFC (True Filipino Channel) subscribers all over the world. The 6 kid contestants will be studying this coming schoolyear. Isn't that great?? Sometimes you'd be surprised with what life has in stored for you. Honestly, I was so touched by the said program and I'm thankful that there is an instrument like that to touch other people's lives.

Only then I realized how lucky and fortunate I am. I didn't have to go through a hard life that some of the people around me have experienced. I've got supportive parents, thoughtful friends and an understanding family. Above all, there's God who keeps showering me with pleasant surprises and abundant blessings. My possessions are just superficial, they'll just come and go. But these people I have in my life are the precious gifts I will forever treasure. Like you.

So let's celebrate life like how everyone is celebrating right now for the first Filipinos who have made our nation proud again by climbing the Mt.Everest and planting the Philippine flag on its summit. Congratulations to Leo Oracion, Romeo "Romi" Garduce and Erwin "Pastor" Emata! Thanks for making us proud.

UPDATED: Thanks Anonymous for the comment note. I've been rushing this post when I posted it from my iPAQ.

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Anonymous said...

Hi. Been following your posts. Just a small correction re the name "Romy Emata" -- you confused Romeo "Romi" Garduce for Erwin "Pastor" Emata. Good day.