American Idol Season 5 Finale

In a few hours, it will be the season 5 finale show of American Idol. I wasn't able to follow the show since I left Kuala Lumpur at the end of March. But I was always updated with who's been voted out. I was right about my final 2 contestants, Katharine McPhee and Taylor Hicks, who have been my favorites from the start.

I would like to go for Taylor Hicks because this is his final chance to fame. He's so natural and very talented and must be given a well-deserved break. As for Katharine McPhee, regardless of whether she wins or not, she will surely be a celebrity. She's a fully packaged singer who can go for acting and modelling (if she shreds off more pounds), if given a chance.

The competition is very stiff. I wish them both good luck. I won't be able to watch the satellite telecast because we leave home at 6PM daily. But I will be able to check online at work during break! Hurray for wi-fi!!!

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