Garland beauty

It was another great Saturday night at the lounge. People enjoyed our performance as much we did enjoy performing. Especially during last set, when a large bunch of Indian guests came to catch our performance. Naturally, we played Hindi numbers, much to their delight. We mixed it with the other requests especially for our international audience.

But during the last song, they requested us to play the Hindi song we sang earlier. They gave me a garland of flowers, which happened to be our country's national flower, Sampaguita. I teased them all through out the song, with me running around the bar pretending to be caught by an Indian guy. It surely looked funny if you're familiar with Bollywood movies.

I'm not feeling well right now. I feel like I'm over stressed again and needed much rest. So I must go to bed "early" (in the morning) at 5:30AM. Gotta say tah-tah!

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