Drenching Friday

We had some visitors in the afternoon, the band from Istana Hotel. We just chilled out until 6:30PM, before I prepared for work. Didn't have much time to workout, but I was thinking that it's Friday anyway, so I might need to reserve the energy for the night instead.

Our first set was a bit quiet, maybe because it was raining outside. When we started the 2nd set, our crowd was already listening. But after 2 songs, Brice and I were drenched in sweat. We looked as if we just got out of the shower and couldn't find the towel!

It was because there had been a power failure at around 8PM and I guess the hotel was running on generator, therefore the aircon was not running. Some staff told me there was something wrong with the aircon. But whatever it was, it was damn hot on stage with all those spotlights and dancing. And I'm glad that I decided to tie up my hair tonight, instead of letting it down.

The lobby lounge staff felt sorry for us and instead of handing us some napkin tissue to wipe off ourselves, they gave us cold towels! Hahahaha! But luckily, we didn't have to suffer the whole set that way, I felt the breeze in the middle of the 2nd set.

More people came on our 3rd set, including our friend Aussie Wayne and the gang, of course with Narkin' Bill, hahaha! (I just needed to write that for you, Billy!)

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