A cause to celebrate

7 years ago in Hongkong, after 4 years of being together, Marlou and I decided to give it a go. Neither of my family and Marlou’s made it, but we were still equally thrilled because my godmom Susana flew to HK to be our sponsor. We were told beforehand that the whole thing will last for 20 minutes. It was more of reading some vows and signing a contract. There wasn’t even “I do’s” or “you may kiss the bride” because a judge facilitated the ceremony. It lasted for only 5 minutes!!! The rest of the 20 minutes were spent with the congratulatory part from our friends. Oh! And we made up the “you may kiss the bride” stuff, too! It was followed by a small reception with our friends. And still had to perform at night (it wasn't our off)!

7 years later, after a lot of trials and runs, we’re still here. Whew and wow! And blessed with a beautiful and loving daughter. It’s definitely a cause for a celebration!!!

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Anonymous said...

hey! congratulations! Selena is lucky to have you and Marlou as her parents.