2006 Malaysian F1 Grand Prix

Only had 2 hours sleep, I still wanted to cuddle my pillow while under the sheets but the alarm clock wouldn't shut up and it was already 8:30AM. Only had 30 minutes to freshen up and have coffee before heading towards the Pan Global building behind the hotel to meet up with Wayne and the gang. Wayne got us tickets for the F1 Grand Prix. Two Benz limousines were waiting for us at the lobby of the building. We drove in style to the Sepang F1 Circuit but had to trek up a bit.

With lots of people walking around, it was more like a whole town fiesta at noontime. People of all races walked in their stylish F1 outfits. I was on my classic blue Renault cap which matched my blue blouse. Marlou bought a Mercedes Benz cap while couple of our friends bought BMW merchandise. Walking at noontime at the Sepang Circuit was better than lying on the beach to get some good tan. And better way to lose some pounds too.

After having pizza for lunch, we had to wait for couple more hours at the grandstand. We just watched the car race prior to the big event. The event was started with a national anthem then the parade of the F1 drivers with the Malaysian Prime Minister.

This was not the first time I've been to a car race. The first one was last year in November for the A1 Malaysian Grand Prix which was really exciting. But this was my first F1 race and I must admit that it's different with A1. The atmosphere was different - which favors both A1 and F1. In A1, you could feel the patriotism because everyone was cheering for the Malaysian drivers Fauzi and Young. In F1, you get mixed supporters therefore ending up in pride-competition with others. Luckily, my team, Renault, won.

The race ended at 5PM and it was kinda scary thinking of how to go back with the thousands of crowd leaving the place all at the same time. It also rained on the way but I slept in the car so that didn't bother me. What bothered me was we were still on the road at 7:30PM! Luckily, we reached the hotel just before 8PM, so I still had time to freshen up a bit befor work.

I haven't been vocally healthy lately. So I had to suffer the whole night trying to make my songs sound almost right. And you could imagine how happy I was when Marlou played our outthrow music which signalled the end of the night, even though the lounge was still full.

It was a great week indeed, not for my voice though. F*ck!

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