Lovapalooza 2

Oh yeah! Give it to me, baby!

The annual Valentine celebration in the Philippines called "Love-apalooza" has once again made its mark last weekend. Like last year, couples in the Philippines were invited to take part in the record-setting Valentine smoochies.

Last year's Love-apalooza was so successful that it was entered in the Guiness Book Of World Records for the biggest number of kissing couples simultaneously for no less than 10 seconds.

The participating couples, who registered in the booths set up on the night of the event or pre-registered online and in schools and malls, ranged in age from 18 years to elderly. The city's Mayor Atienza said the participation was restricted to married couples because of the country's conservative Catholic culture, but a casual check of participants found many of them were not married.

When it started in 2004, the event was led by Manila Mayor Lito Atienza, 67, and his wife. It was well-attended by 5,122 couples which broke the then-record-holder Chilean city of Santiago for the largest number of kisisng couples. There were 5,327 kissing couples in 2005 not to mention the other kissing couples which were televised from different parts of the Philippines.

This year, it was held on February 12, 2006, still at the Roxas Boulevard's Bay Walk in Manila. As usual, it caused massive traffic in a city where heavy traffic is common. I'm not really sure how many couples there were this year, but it was really a huge event that couples look forward to every Valentine's season since 2004. Last year's event was to break the record, this year is for the love of it, I guess.

The event has been sponsored by Close-Up Toothpaste for 3 years now and supported by local politicians with their spouses, as well as known celebrity couples distributed

I know it sounds funny but if I was just in Manila last weekend, I would have gone to that event - with or without my husband. Joke! Hahahaha!

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Anonymous said...

i was there the 1st time they did the luva-palooza! but didn't participate while the timer was on, don't ask me why. LOL! Roxas Blvd was closed then, there were 3 huge stages along Roxas with different performers, different artist as well. The kissing starts on the eve of Valentines. After the 10 seconds kissing we watched fireworks from "Bay Walk".