Hell of a night...

... for my tummy, that is. I've had indigestion after dinner. I had just spaghetti bolognese, but I ate it so fast because I didn't have much time. I drank lots of water after that. My stomach felt so bloated during the first set.

I had my coffee after the first set. It just worsen my indigestion as everytime I felt like I needed to burp, acid would come up. And the lounge was full and we had a good weekend crowd. I only felt better after the 2nd set when I had a glass of champagne.

Lots of my friends told me I lost weight. Music to my ears. Diet, Pilates and yoga are starting to pay off. Yeah, I intended to lose weight in preparation for my upcoming surgery. I know I won't be able to workout or exercise after that for a month or more. I'm doing this just to compensate for some future weight gaining once I sit on our dining table in Manila with my mom's irresistible dishes and those pan-de-sals and banana-que! Argggh!!!

Now that my tummy's in top shape again for food, so gotta rummage the ref for some junkies. Then hit the bed after that. It's Sunday again... time really does fly so fast! Tuh-tah!

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