It's been a very exhausting day for me. I had to wake up very early today for the birthday lunch the wife of the Sultan of Kelantan. URB Band had to sing for more than an hour for one big table of 9 persons. While they were enjoying their lunch, we were suffering from difficulty in singing. Plus, today was the worst of the 3 days I've been sick of flu. I didn't know where to get the voice, didn't know how we actually went through it without a sign of frown from the royalties. We sang for an hour and a quarter.

I took Selena for a walk to KLCC. She needs a breath of fresh polluted city air, anyway, after being locked up in the room by the homebody mom. We just went to the Kinukuniya bookstore on the top floor, and she enjoyed reading for a while, before we ate at Burger King.

Tonight was a total disaster for me. My speaking voice sounded ill and I really sounded bad during the set. But at least, I got through it and I must say that I did a pretty good job with the performance. That's the least I can do for myself I guess.

After work, we went to Concorde with JP for supper. I had breaded chicken chop which I shared with Selena. I got corrected by my new Turkish friend, Cem, that I misspelled his name the other night on my blog. I wrote Jam, as I phonetically heard it when I was introduced to him. His name is actually Cem. Sorry pal! LOL

We saw Jason and Amor in the coffeehouse, too. Funny thing happened when Jason lifted Selena up to give her a big hug, Selena shouted "King Kong!". Everybody just burst out laughing.

Although my day started not quite right, I must admit to say that spending the last hours with your friends and sharing stories and laughter with them was the next best thing that happened today. The best thing was of course spent with Selena, who will be leaving on Monday for Manila.

Busy weekend ahead so gotta go zzZZzZZZZzzZzzz... Tah-tah!

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