PDA blogging

I haven't tried blogging from my Palm Tungsten C. I tried to open my blog server, but I couldn't access it. So I'm trying to blog from my email on my PDA.

My new iPAQ works fine but since it's not built-in with a wi-fi, I will have to connect to GPRS for me to access net with it. Of course I can buy a wi-fi card for it, but I really don't mind carrying both my Palm Tungsten and iPAQ with me. Plus I still carry around my camera with it. So might as well carry all of them! Hahaha!

Let's see if this entry goes through... Hmmm... *click!*


~*.*~ SaRiTa ~*.*~ said...

yes, i do like cats & dogs... is that cat on the pic yours?

~*.*~ SaRiTa ~*.*~ said...

yes i have 2 dogs in the philippines. one of them was lost. so my mom got me a new one and named it LASSIE.