Offday in Ipoh

Whew! Just got back from Ipoh an hour ago. We left at 2:30AM yesterday and reached Ipoh at 4:30AM. But, the driver wasn't really familiar of the town so we spent an hour looking for Excelsior Hotel where we all stayed. We checked-in the hotel at almost 6AM then hit off the bed right away.

Yesterday, hen we got up at noontime, JP has already arrived from KL. So we washed up and prepared for lunch with the Filipino band, Charisma, who's been playing in Excelsior Hotel for 6 months. After lunch, we left JP in the hotel and we went to the "cave temple" where they've got Chinese and Indian temples around and inside it. We just took some photos and then went back to the hotel because it started to rain. We had snack in the room while we all chit-chatted. Some of us washed up and prepared for dinner. We had great Chinese food with occasional "yam seng" of brandy and whiskey. We had so much food. After dinner, we just hanged out in the room and chit-chatted before retiring back to our own rooms at 1AM. I just watched a movie on TV while doing my assignment for my boss. Went to bed at 4:30AM.

Today, we got up at 11AM and checked out the Excelsior Hotel at 12 noon. We had our lunch in a very good curry restaurant in Ipoh before hitting the road back to KL. We reached the hotel at 3:45PM.

It was a rather adventurous offday for us. We had fun and relaxation at the same time. It was our first time to go to Ipoh and it was well spent with friends. I'm looking forward to spend more offdays out of town, somewhere near KL lah!

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