Feelin' better

Thank God, after a dozen of tablets and capsules that I have taken for more than a week, I'm feeling better now. But I really trusted Clarinaise (or spelled something like that) when it comes to colds. It's just that I forgot about it because my brain wasn't working very well at that time after a very tiring year-end happenings.

Also, I am feeling better now with Selena back to Manila. Not happy, just better. I re-read my blog entries during her last day here and I remember how I felt when I was writing those entries. Oh well, Selena is back in school now and she's really excited to see her friends.

Gotta go to bed now. I have an appointment with a doctor at 10:30AM for my thyroid and my hernia. Gotta go zZZzzzZZZ for a couple of hours...

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