Year-end stress

My feng shui for this month was right. It's really stressful and seems like the whole year of working has taken its toll on me now. I've been sick since the start of the month. It's getting worse with the weather getting colder outside.

Maybe it’s just one of those days… I feel so tired and stressed with work lately. It’s one of those days when I’d rather stay in the room and just relax. Open a bottle of wine and maybe just turn on my MP3 player, hook it up to my OnTour speakers and think of all the great things I've done this year.

I'm starting to feel the urge of stopping from my career for a while - again. I mean, I love performing but my body needs to rest. I've been working for the past 9 years (with some holidays) and I really need a break from it. I want to wake up each day not thinking of work and what to wear. Whether my voice is in top shape or worry about the dance steps and new songs we'll have to practise for the day. But I guess, I'll just keep on dreamin' as of now...

It's 7:30AM now and I'm a bit thankful that I'm off. Unfortunately, not for Marlou. Hmmm, a bit sleepy now, haftagooooo!!!

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