Signus pronounced as sig'noos. A word that we use in the Philippines that I can't really translate directly to English. Maybe close to "bad omen". November 9 is my mom's birthday and it's also a day which our family calls "signus". Signus is like a dreaded day or a day we all have to be careful about. Usually, we don't travel or do dangerous stuff on this day.

It started out when my grandfather died on this day few years before I was even born, so I wasn't even able to meet him personally. When I was in elementary, one of my uncles die on this day too. I know they might have just been coincidences, but it's going to be a long story when I enumerate stuff that had happened on this or around this day.

Before, we'd just celebrate my mom's birthday having some church or prayer groups in our house to pray for my mom. Now, since everyone in my mom's family is a frustrated singer except me, they'd switch on the karaoke system after the prayer and after eating, open some San Miguel beers, make some "noise" and have a really good time.

Happy birthday to the woman I have admired for her courage and unconditional love. For the strength she has shown and the weakness that she has hidden. For the pure heart she has which has touched a lot of people. For the laughter that's so contagious and a warm hug when I feel sad. For making me what and where I am right now... I thank you, Ma, for everything... I love you so much!

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