Oops UPS!

Had a busy day today. It started out with getting a call from UPS, telling me that I have a package coming and that they just want to inform me about it. I mean, why don't they just send it right away? It just got me anxious and impatiently waiting for it the whole day. I didn't get the package today, so will have to have anxiously wait tomorrow again I guess.

Had my coffee before going out to remit money for my aunt who's coming with Selena soon. I'm pulling Selena out from school a month earlier before the Christmas break. This will be the only chance she can go to KL because Philippine's Department of Social Welfare and Development doesn't allow minors from 13 years old below to travel unaccompanied. Luckily, she's still in prep and her teacher said she's a smart kid so she can catch up with the class when she comes back, preferably in January next year. I'm really excited to see her and be with her. Haven't seen her for... like ahmmm... 8 months now. I will be very busy when she comes to KL. Supermom mode is waiting to be switched on!!!

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