Hernia season

I'm blogging from my bed. I need a bedrest after my hernia attacked on our last set. It was painful and my hernia "ball" was as big as my thyroid cyst. But luckily we didn't do lots of fast choreographies on our last set. My friend suggested that he'd take me to a doctor next week. But the problem is, my hernia only attacks once in a while. I've had this for 8 years now and I've only seen a doctor for the first time in Cebu last March when it attacked for almost a week. Doctor advised me to have it surgically repaired before it even worsens. But we were already booked to KL and Shanghai so couldn't do it then.

Now I'm thinking about it. My insurance might not cover my medical expenses when I do it in the Philippines because it's just under our company. So I might consider doing it in Malaysia. But I still don't know.

I'm still in the bed right now with my feet up. It helps in suppressing my hernia and definitely good for my legs after dancing for a few hours. Wondering how I'm using my laptop with my feet up? Tricky huh! I'll let you in a little secret.

In Shanghai, Marlou discovered a tool that can help those lazy bums and those who have problems with their back to use their laptops completely lying down, thus straightening the spine. It's made of pipes all connected to make a laptop stand on it's front base, making you feel as if you're just sitting down. You also need a rubberized cord to tie it around the laptop. I know you're confused. So here's a pic of me with it.

PS: Contact Marlou if you're interested about it.

PPS: I can't believe that I can get a wifi signal from the bed though it's idle most of the time. But I still can't believe that the signal from Concorde is that strong! Bravo!!!

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