I've been a WiFi gal for quite sometime now. That's the sole reason why I bought a PDA with a WiFi feature. But this time it's different.

We used to go to Concorde Hotel to access the Maxis WiFi connection which Shangri-La doesn't have. If you're a Maxis subscriber, postpaid or prepaid, you can easily get connected to the internet. I'm a Maxis user but I bought a separate WLAN prepaid account card so my load/credit won't be deducted.

Now, I'm so happy! You know why? Coz out of the nowhere, my laptop detected a Maxis WiFi connection from our room! Usually it's only Marlou who can get access to Maxis even we're in the room. And I really am thankful eventhough it's freaking slow, but still I can blog, I can chat, I can check my mails - the most important things I need right now. Sooooooooo happy WiFi-ing!!!

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