Welcome back to KL!

We arrived KL at almost 5PM on Oct 2. We checked in and watched the Sound Forge band on their last night. I saw some of my friends especially the people that I treat as my family here in KL. After watching Sound Forge's last performance, we dropped by at the Concorde Hotel to see Jake of Music Heights who had their last night performance as well. We were so tired so we just went back to the hotel at 3AM and slept.

We started playing at the Lobby Lounge of the Shangri-La Hotel on an unusual performance day, Monday Oct 3rd, which was supposed to be our off. It wasn't bad at all eventhough I still haven't kept in touch with our regular guests & other friends. The lounge was still full for a Monday. They changed our position on the stage. Now Marlou is behind and in the middle. I personally don't like it because I only have a small dancing space, but I know it's better for the guests. I almost slipped when I tripped over the metal railings on the dance floor, Marlou and Brice shouted, but I gained my balance right away. I sprained my ankle a bit and it's still hurting now. I need to get a pair of good dancing shoes first.

Our second night (Tuesday) was better with some of the familiar faces in the crowd. I had my champagnes as usual. Maybe will have my amaretto's tonight. My batter is running low now, hafta gooooooooo!!!

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