Unusual Sunday

I can't keep track of the times that I've set foot in KL, but I have already played in Concorde Hotel twice & in Shangri-La Hotel for the 4th time now. I am a Roman Catholic but I've never attended mass in KL ever since. Except today.

I went to St. John Church with Marlou for an early morning Sunday mass at 10:30AM. We were a bit late but I still managed to get a seat while Marlou stood behind near the entrance. I was quite amazed of the different races and nationalities from different walks of life who filled the church, despite that Malaysia is considered as a Muslim country.

After the mass, we were waiting for our friend Edlyn (KL Hilton singer) 2 blocks away from the church, when I saw a familiar face. It's our neighbor in Manila, the brother of my bestfriend, who came to Malaysia for a business trip with his girlfriend. We chatted for a while, asked about places where they could buy this and that. We then went to Kota Raya to have lunch at the Filipino restaurant before going back to the hotel.

Had an hour nap before we went to KL Central Station to meet up with our friends and then had my first ever eyebrow threading. I was so amazed with the procedure that I wanted to try it to my friends but none of them would trust me. The girl from the beauty salon just used a simple thread that's being used in sewing. She bit the other end of the thread and twisted some thread on her right finger and pulled the rest of the thread on her left. It's really amazing and I was satisfied with the way she did my eyebrows. I'm definitely gonna do it again... when it grows back of course.

Had buka puasa with our friends in Bangsar before we went back to the hotel to prepare for work. I actually wanted to have a nap but never had a chance. Had a moody first set that affected the whole evening. After work, we went to Concorde Hotel with our friend Edlyn. The management and staff asked me to jam with the band with Marlou - the most requested song from the URB Band these days - Lonely by Akon. Afterwards, we ate supper with the Venture & Peach Apple Tree bands and chatted with them until 8AM. We had interesting topics like supernatural stuff.

So my Sunday officially ended on Monday 8AM as I retired back to bed.

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