Mournful weekend

It's been a very quiet Friday tonight. Not really quiet, the lounge was still full but the people weren't in their party mood at all. Maybe because the country has lost their beloved First Lady, the late wife of Malaysia's Prime Minister, yesterday.

Last Wednesday, I forgot to tell you what happened at the lounge (or maybe I was just too busy bumming around). As I mentioned earlier, it was a great week for the lounge. But during our last set, while Brice was singing, I saw a couple of drunk guys on the 1st floor. The first floor overlooks the whole lobby lounge and serves as the balcony for the lounge. So these 2 guys were run-waltzing to the rails of the balcony, but didn't reach it. They tripped over and crashed against the metal frame railing. Half of the frame fell off to the lounge and I saw the man, hugging his companion, with half of his body hanging from the 1st floor. I was so terrified and scared that they might fall off the lounge, I even shouted but off the mic. For sure, the guy would have hit the marble floor, head first, and it might have been a disaster. And I might end up being traumatized by that incident. I felt so bad for the guy, who suffered some serious cut on his arms (thank God, they weren't big to need hospitalization), because I know and I witnessed that they were having a good time. The guys even waved at me & I waved back just a second before it all happened.

Anyway, hope it improves tomorrow. Not that I'm wishing locals should stop mourning, but I like having good crowd especially on a weekend. So please, my friends, come to the lounge tomorrow lah!

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