Hair attack

My friend Yec came to our room after our work last night. She attacked my hair with a fine-toothed comb and some rubber bands. She started pulling my hair, forming some corn-rows on my head. It was so painful, but I kept on thinking - no pain no gain. Just like when I did my facial over the weekend and massage the other day, you'll have to bear the pain for the better you. I slept at 6AM.

I woke up at 2PM today, the weather's not good. It's drizzling a bit outside. I'm using the overflowed WiFi, wooohooooo! Eventhough I get disconnected every now and then, it's still okay. It's better than the dial-up anyway.

I'm quite excited about my corn-rowed head but I know the Soundforge, the band we replaced here, usually do corn-rows. But at least, mine is "almost" free of charge, right sis Yec?

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